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The Le Center City Code & Ordinances are available below.
Ch.1 | General Provisions

Download 233k
Ch.2 | Administration

Download 228k
Ch.4 | Alcoholic Beverages

Download 231k
Ch.6 | Amusements & Entertainments

Download 174k
Ch.8 | Animals

Download 218k
Ch.10 | Buildings & Building Regulations

Download 187k
Ch.12 | Businesses

Download 204k
Ch.14 | Civil Emergencies

Download 190k
Ch.16 | Community Development

Download 175k
Ch.18 | Elections

Download 165k
Ch.20 | Emergency Services

Download 171k
Ch.22 | Environment

Download 217k
Ch.24 | Fire Prevention & Protection

Download 195k
Ch.26 | Law Enforcement

Download 185k
Ch.28 | Offenses & Misc Provisions

Download 196k
Ch.30 | Planning

Download 192k
Ch.32 | Solid Waste

Download 212k
Ch.34 | Special Assessments

Download 251k
Ch.36 | Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places

Download 185k
Ch.38 | Subdivisions

Download 167k
Ch.40 | Traffic & Vehicles

Download 231k
Ch.42 | Utilities

Download 317k
Ch.44 | Vegetation

Download 208k
Ch.46 | Zoning

Download 879k

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